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When mysteriously in the darkness has opened

The all-seeing giant chimerical eye

The eyelid – the Universe, has hardly moved

Of some one eternal God


This was the first thought – A finding

And it was enough to start roaring hard

To suddenly start convulsion in himself.

Crowds of thoughts, like in one God.


–         But I’m not alone! Near me has bud

A similar energy and the infinite has chasmed

He is son who has been born from me – Star

Love! And the thought that one spirit traverses him.


And suddenly, flashing, a lighting

Shows them they are three and inseparable

Power, intelligence and love

From the beginning trinity and inseparable


Touched by intelligence, power, father God

Wraps in love and he always creates

And from then they make projects and programs

Stencils, priority printings, genomes


What, so many sick people, hot or cold?

Let’s prepare one to be yours forever,

Most loved, my Son, he must be cradle, pledge.

And this star – should be named Earth


And he started to adorn her with light

So her complete beauty can be seen!

And one after the other God made

Water, living creatures, as he first said.


The Creator (towards Earth):

–         I given you to my Son for joy

Wanting that in the Universe won’t be another

Like you, so beautiful, but now

Se me in love, on the same way


He – Son, spirit and I are one

Don’t listen to what the typhoon says.

I am in the awaiting of your kiss

You know him; I’ve sanded you last night the wind!


Evil rises from all sides, from everywhere

He was finding out about the love that started

They were coming and they rummaged Earth with their powers.

Thinking they can spoil Gods establishment.


Volcanoes were gushing, mountains crumbled to the sea

The sea was reckless and she spoiled everything in her way

Angular rocks, burning were going in the valleys.

The Oceans were boiling, chilled out in rains after


Other times, from the sky was coming fire and water

Everything, more then you can see, all was burned

The mountains were groaning when they were finding their establishment

In all this disaster that was happening.


Suddenly a thunder voice from the sky thundered.

And the sea was frightened and calmed down

Order and limit said their master

After all he created with love, with longing.


The sweet waters have finally found their ways.

Going around mountains and hills, following the valleys.

Other times going underground

To the big sea, veiling.


They had in themselves the seed of movement, of meeting again.

And also the seed of spearing, of squinting.

And however the bad one should be against

He can’t change his Law, divine.

With his powerful right hand

He had now sign only to give

And all he had in mind, all he thought

Under his magnificent eyes was growing


Forest, valley, river and every creature

Was coming to life under his word

The sky was glided with stars, peaceful shining

Over all his having.


And over this fret – life

Over this mystery covered in fog

Born from dreams and deeply loved

Sweetheart – from a saint spring born


He traveled thru deserts and darkness

From unknown constellations, and known constellations

From no part of the infinity, where he traveled

He didn’t saw another beauty like her.


Steps heavy as a gale, or steps of the breath of the wind

They were shaking or caressing the forests like yesterday

He was leaving and coming again always in love

To see his love again like one God.


To relent and to stay close to her

She started to rustle and to wave the waters

To make him hear her, the singing started

And wouldn’t stop, as the moving sea.



–         Admit me, Oh! Lord you saint

That I don’t call you today as always

I will call you thru the heaven with a sublime sign

Together we shell go round and dance!


The Creator:

My eternal unproductive, my bride

You will be the chosen one

Miracle you are, fragrance and smile, icon

Spring of beauties without blemish!



Why have you left me master and Lord?

Why have you left me when the birds were sleeping?

My love is blaze and I miss

Your consuming soul


The Creator:

Don’t be troubled, you are for me

Beauty between imperials beauties

With your aromas you traverse me

Carried on your flying horses!


The evening in the plains, the sunrise between flowers

When we were swinging the spirit was moving hardly

Hear how on Earth everything sings

All that is alive, so the wind updated his sound



The oceans and the sea throb relish

And the evenings are full of aromas and coolness

There is peace in the air, perfect harmony

I am so pleased, why?


–         it’s love! It’s around me

I feel it in the air, I breath it, I want to get up

But, I’m shacked by the passing trouble

Over the innocent, my burning amazement!


To be the wise, my dear?

The loneliness from around me, is it gone?

Ah! How I wait for him to come from the heavens.

To come faster… a hearing: who are you?


The Creator:

I am the one that is, the air that you breathe

I am the one that feeds two natures

I am the seeker for the earthly nature

I am the one who is in the divine nature


I am sun and light, stag and hind

I am heaven on earth and kissing

I am happiness, I am the flesh sting

Eagles in love or pigeon in flight!



Where, to fast, are you gone again?

Or have you been only in my thoughts

You honor me to see your greatness

Oh! My Lord stop trying me …


I’m cold, its fog, and silence is around me

Nothing is moving, come closer

I want to feel your warm soul

Spoil me like a child, with you I want to remain


The Creator:

–         Wait for me! Don’t be troubled

Wait for me! I want your hug

And I will bring you from heaven a beauty coronet

From gold stars, from the gold of a other Moon.



I’m grief and I’m blizzard! Come back my love

All around me everything breaks or falls, temptations

They surround me, they seek me in pain

I miss you, they call me in spring


But I’m ashamed, I’m naked

So I can’t show myself to you this way

I’m all for you just calling.

And my eyes can’t detach from the horizon.


The Creator:

I’m going to dress you my love

Like the chosen one, my beauty star

With the greenest cloak under the sun

The seasons will be with us in holiday!


Above, clear sky I will say to be

And the hills will be full of vine.

The smell of roses, and rare aromas

They will remind you of you Lord, any way!



Oh! Most handsome face without face

I feel you around me and I’m changing.

Like your empress

Oh! My Lord, your love was watching over me!


The Creator:

You dressed so well today

As the lighted dream of this fir forest

And how saint is the smell of incense

That caress my forehead, it caress me!


Look! I arrived, you great garden

I will plant in you all that blends

With your shining, miracle, fairy

In the middle I will make a well


Your body is so smooth

And ready to receive immediately

The seed of love in the tender light

That’s always found in smooth multiplying



–         I’m ready for the blossoming

And the sound of birds give you the news

As if they’re gone crazy from love

They awaken in me the vibration of longing.


The Creator:

Making you rich is making me rich

And for how long there will me universe, Gods breath

You will last, my love, the most beautiful

You blue jewel, you shining star!


Crops will wave over your sweet body

And in the high grass lions will go to sleep

Forgetting of hunger and hunting.

The clear sky will surround you in your splendor


Oh! You are so kind my Lord

In glory anthems I will be reminded of you

Of all, in the sunrise and in the sunset to sing them to you

As long as there will be light and life on Earth!


But I want caress! And again I’m longing.

You know that only in your words I recover

Cover me with your strong arm, with affection

To feel your aromas


The Creator:

–         Ah! My beauty bride, mother, sister

I feel like preparing you again

New clothes for the wedding to make

Because all that is in you, sings in you!


Today I traveled in the awaken forest

I’ve seen how the bud of longing lasts.

The bunches were hugging the trees like in fairytales.

New creatures were coming from them, in fantasy.


And then in the sunset I traveled thru the plain

And I met the field, the vine

It started my appetite with her grapes.

I reminded then, the lightened prayers



You’re gone again… I’m searching blind for you

I don’t find you and I’m frightened

From a sweet sleep I wake up in dew

My love, you left me again?


The Creator:

Your calling in the awaiting is nested

Not knowing that you are so much loved

Come and hug me

And let me give you a lasting kiss



Rain you are to me, in the hot weather

You unleash yourself

In me appears in the deep and rises

Songs completely new, an imperial anthem!


Look again over the plains

And you’ll see how I am, heavenly.

I’m a good smelling tree, a linden tree

Only for you and your eyes


The Creator:

–         I see you! You are one of a kind

I don’t know with whom to liken you

You beauty, mother, sister, song.

You don’t have equal in heaven you’re Earth!


When the light from the inside of your eyes was shining

There were growing blackberries, only blazes

A rhythmic sound was coming in my ear

So I couldn’t leave or refuse….



From the first hour of the saint day

My heart is full of light

And in the golden light I’m dressing

And in the evening in your peace I go deep!


Spread your wings over me again

Because I feel my plains on fire again

Send me love and coolness

I’m your love, ready to bloom


The Creator:

In the charming delta I will go and firstly

With affection from the sweet hug I will make

The longing to go up inside you

In the miraculous, tree of life, eternal blooming.



– I trembled when he approached

Planet Venus, threatening like a sin

All my rivers bursted out of its banks

The sea growled, mad with its waves


The Creator:

– How could you think that I will allow you

To be vanquished, My darling, My love

When I travel through darkness and dense fog

To reach you, on your chosen carpets!


Is this grass a holy miracle

It’s My heavenly wedding gift

And I see how in the jade silk

Will nurse love and cherish



– My love! Listen to the nightingales that sing at night

Gently awaken by Your shining stars

And songs of all kind float – listen

To their beaks, they wish you “good night”.


And millions of years passed in pleasure

As well fed herds today head for the stable.

I AM the Father God and on this blue star

We will make man after our face!


The Creator (to the Son):

This is your outpost, of fulfillment

This is your place of redemption

Here the news will spread that you chase away sorrow

Here you’re always the present and the awaited



The Creator (to Earth):

Your inhabitants driven towards secret and mystery

Will search frenziedly the heaven wonders

The wise will see you lovingly

To your chosen one that looks in your eyes


And as us in love, secretly

Holy Grail, with sweet wine,

They will drink they will celebrate me with white lily

Grown for sacrifice near the olive trees.


The Creator:

You will meal again for the sake

Of perpetual struggle

Sigh under the clear sky

And harmony will prevail laughing under the sun!


Be careful!  Here/There and forever  I AM

I want to take you with me in eternity, Earth!

I am zealous and I want that, through you

To drive away from the Galaxy, the darkness with light.


To love with a never seen before love

A love as firm as a cliff

But remember! Jealousy reaps Me apart

And lightings become then, a thousand!



Oh! My god! You’re my shining life

Through thousands of stars, the incomparable groom

You kept getting larger and I bring you an ode,

To the greatest in Heaven!


Praise You! You surrounded me with Light

And never upon me is there complete night

When a part of me is covered in darkness

The other is full of heavenly light.


Praise You! For your divine laws

Praise You! For everything that comes from You

Praise You! For Your power and leadership

Praise You! For Your entire creation.


The Creator:

I will come again, My love

Wear your purity and cover yourself in snow

Because I will come with eager like the eager less

To multiply the love in you and in your domains.



Approach me, God, like in the beginning

With burning love and tumult

In space, facing the Sun awaits You

Your love, dreaming, unmoved.


The Creator:

Today your sky is friendly and it’s summer

My wish is like before

Like a thunder I’m coming to you, don’t be scared!

With your praise wait for me! OSANA!



I will make today pomp with flowers

I will wait for you between the hills, on the alee

And secretly I will change into a flower

You’re my Lord, and I’m Your love!


The Creator:

Kiss me like a flower

Bite me like a lion

Sweet jasmine smell

In the evening I miss you!


You with your love unleashed my power

And always lured me with the resurrection

Of your Wonder, under the blue sky

You’re an altar, you’re the pure thought



I’m the place, Ypu’re the Altar, Infinity\

You’re the Lord, You’re the Love, my brother

Always the First, The One, The Chosen One

Here is my plantation and my harvest.


My trust in You is overwhelming

And nowhere, I swear, under the Sun

A warmer cradle, suitable for life

I obey your lighting love


I will be unmoved as long as the Universe

Will sing it’s symphonies and verses

A meadow with running water

And a rose at your belt!


The Creator:

– I know you speak the truth, by your pomp

That friendly meet Me on every trail

The trees blossom spreading their perfume

Because you sleep dreaming of Me.


I will walk you in the infinite Space

Keeping you near the Sun and Moon

And I will lay on the ground stars,

So you can walk on them.



Oh! You’re too kind, most Holy

Graceful odes I will remember

At dawn and at sunset to sing you

As long as light and life will prevail on Earth!


The Creator:

I am happy and pleased

By the way you dressed

With a hidden veil of dawn

That covers your hair



It appeared, from my lonely love

In my belly, unknown by the blue sun,

My inside is a turquoise light

I vibrate in Your wave, Like a tremble!


The Creator:

The mountains unmoved in their greatness

Guard with love the dawn

And over hills covered with apple trees, plum trees,

The face of light makes wonders again.



– Praise You, for marvel and eternity

That generously spread

Praise you, for the fare well ray

Of the sun, that disappears over the mysterious road.


Praise You, the One that before You

Forests full of love tremble

Springs, sparkling water, fills with joy.

All living souls, praise You in silence.


Praise You for Your overwhelming love

Of all the seen and unseen that

Out of Your Lord’s mind

Appeared when life You shaped


He is the love, the dream, my whole life.

He is the most Awaited, when he appeared at the

Meadows, forest blossom when He comes

Bees race nosily through gardens.


For so much love, for so much pain

Mad bushes of rosemary grow

And for so much love and luck

Sweet basil blossom.



I dressed in white to celebrate

Rumor of a song is herd in the plain, white

With the snow’s jewels on my cheek.

I await You my always alive Love.


Up there, on the peak covered in snow

Towards You, God I unleashed

But You weren’t there, there was only the dawn

And your power in the marvels of the snow.


I listened to You… Your silence covered me

And I herd what nobody else herd

A sublime song beyond spaces

A vibrating symphony, out of constellations.


Live shivers in the deep and

In the unleashed waters, in the clear lake

Small and big fish play

My senses fly without limits.


I love You with my pure love

Sacrifice more precious than a jewel

I love You, not like a virgin, not like a woman

I surround You and I penetrate like an Idea.


That’s why I understand to well, I know

That everything alive in the Universe

Was built by Your right holy Hand

And all eat out Your Palm.


Earth (to self):

I have an only way…His way

But He, The Love, Great God

Of all takes care step by step

The Orbits, step by step searches, makes them stronger


My soul runs towards Him

Towards Him I run, although I know too well

That His will is command

In all the Harmony that He spreads.



Embrace me! Clear me entirely

And mountains with joy kiss Him!

I am all Yours, only Yours truly, I tremble sometimes, waiting for You!


The Creator:

Your breath is perfumed, sweet

And your mouth is honey like clean

Picked up by love, and of the Valley of the Sun

My beautiful, God’s love.



– My forehead with mire and aloe sprinkle

And, feel how I become holy

At the thought that You, from there

My love, come to me again


I love like a brother, like a father

Pure love never lived before

Praise You, my Emperor

Praise You, great Lord!


The Creator:

You must know that I am called

In the dark distances, never stopping

But like Your Spirit’s call

Odes of praise, in Your Altar, I can’t hear


Praise You! The water speaks to me

Praise You! the birds to me

Praise You! The animals growl to me

Odes of praise, like in Your Altar, I can’t hear



– But silence is a proof of love

All live in the sees, the oceans, usually mute

Praise You, the One, the Great One

When the sea sings and they multiply.


On His shining Emperor’s throne

Out of which loves aren’t finished

There He is in greatness and slave

The Lord whom I am slave


Your eyes shine like two stars

And I’m in You – in one of them

You mastered light out of light

I am the blue light, I am the iris.


The Creator:

Through you sees My eye the beautiful

I bring You now sacrifice

And My blessing, as dowry

To put in Your wide windows!



You are full of gifts, You, oh! Great

But the most cherished of all, the wonderful gift

Is the one of Life and Love

Put over all, God, Your Gift!


                        Elena Armenescu

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